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Bottle Blow Molding Machine

In order to compete with the major players in the field of bottled water industry and catch the bottle market we should create a unique bottle design leaving behind the standard bottle design available in the market and should purchase a blow molding machine for replicating the design to PET bottles.
A Blow molding machine comprises of a compressor, chiller, drier, Cooling Tower, IR heater part and blow molding part. We at Honey well Aqua Tech provide blow machine as a complete set and carry out the erection with necessary interconnecting pipelines.
Blow molding machine range vary from 1000 BPH to 3200 BPH and correspondingly the cavity and the type of the machine may vary. On the other hand capacity of blow molding machine is powered by the output of bottle filling machine employed. So how high may be the output of pet blow molding machine but the output of filling machine will only decide the final output delivered .